CD Floral & Gift Cards are a new and exciting product that's becoming very popular in flower shops, gift shops, convenient stores, and truck stops all across the country! This unique CD is close to the same size as the paper card you give with flowers or a gift. The CD comes in a nice full color sleeve, some have space for writing a personal message. These full color interactive CD-ROMs are both IBM PC and Apple Macintosh compatible. The CDs contain an opening animation/greeting and have a variety of music, games, puzzles, slide shows, screen savers, history, recipes and more... CD Floral & Cards come in a variety of styles for every holiday or occasion. The CDs are very user friendly and will automatically start playing when inserted in the computers CD-ROM drive. No flower or gift shop should be without this new and exciting product!

This CD Floral & Gift Card Display comes complete with the counter top display and fully stocked with 40 general occasion cards. Refills are available in packs of six. Each display rack comes with a FREE demo CD.


The CD Floral Card Display comes standard with the following cards:

2 - Anniversary #1, 2 - Anniversary #2, 2 - Birthday #1, 2 - Birthday #2, 2 - Best Wishes #1, 
2 - Best Wishes #2, 2 - Congratulations #1, 2 - Congratulations #2, 2 - It's a Boy ,2 -
It's a Girl,
2 - Special Friend #1, 2 - Special Friend #2, 2 - Get Well #1, 2 - Get Well #2,
2 - To My Love #2, 2- With Love #2, 2 - Thinking Of You #1, 2 - Thinking Of You #2,
2 - New Home, 2 - Thank You

Total of 40 standard occasion cards come with the display.
(Holiday cards and refills can be purchased seperately in packs of six)


(Click on a card to see the main menu)






All of our CD's fit in any CD-ROM drive tray whether it's a desktop computer or a laptop system. The CD's are both IBM PC and Apple Macintosh compatible! There is nothing to install everything remains on the CD-ROM. Our CDs are very user friendly and will auto load automatically when inserted into the CD-ROM drive.