Q. How does a CD Greeting Card work if the CD isn't round?
A. The CD fits in the inner tray of your CD-ROM drive. There is an indented groove in the center of your drive tray that the CD fits into.

Q. I have an older PC will the card still work?
. As long as the PC is a Pentium based PC running Windows 95 or higher. CD Greeting Card will run on slower machines such as 486's but we don't reccommend it.

Q. I have an Apple Macintosh will the cards work in my system?
. Yes the CD Greeting Cards will work on a Mac. There are two limited features on the Mac, the jigsaw puzzles and the screen saver.

Q. Do the cards have actual multimedia or are they just a      powerpoint presentation?
A. All our cards are full fledge multimedia CD's. There is no Powerpoint. The CD's have their own executable files and they do include their own built in animation, music, graphics, and more. The CD cards are all high quality multimedia with CD quality audio.

Q. How long does it take to play the CD Cards?
A. All the cards are different and some have more content than others but on the average you can spend 5 minutes if you just view the slide show or over an hour if you decide to play all the games and other features.

Q. How many songs are on one of the CD Cards?
A. Most of the cards only have one song that goes with the ocasion of the card but some of the holiday cards have more than one. For instance the CD Christmas Card has 8 songs.