Now corporations, small businesses, and musicians can impress their clients with a custom CD Greeting Card. Companies today purchase personalized paper greeting cards to give to their clients every holiday season. This year why not impress your clients by sending them a CD Christmas Card!

The CD Christmas Card is a unique full color Mini CD Business Card with a printed sleeve with four different Christmas scenes to choose from. The CD is designed to work in any IBM PC or Apple Macintosh computer. The CD contains a personalized greeting with memorable Christmas music with a holiday slide show, holiday games, history, puzzles, several recipes, a link to your website and pure fun for everyone! We also have custom personalized Thank You cards. What better way to thank a new client or an existing client for their business!


Ravens Trailer North used the CD Custom Christmas Card to send to their clients this past
Christmas Season. The CDs were a major hit with all their clients!

This Paul Overstreet CD Christmas Card contains music from Paul's latest Christmas CD titled
"Christmas My Favorite Time Of The Year" plus slide shows, puzzles, a link to Paul's website and more!

This Timothy Paul Custom Greeting Card is a more presonalized card that includes all the other standard features such as games, slide show, music puzzles, etc. but also includes a video clip of Timothy Paul singing "Winter Wonderland" in front of a nice warm fireplace. This CD was used to send to all Timothy Paul's freinds and fans.

Barnett Realtors sends this customized "Welcome To Your New Home" CD
to customers who buy a home from them. This makes a nice gift to give to the new home buyer.