How It All Got Started:

The creation of CD Greeting Cards are the result of our founder, Bruce Uher, visiting a flower shop and looking at the paper cards gave him the idea of the interactive card. He was already producing CD Business Cards for many clients and he went back to the office to design the very first CD Floral & Gift Cards. He disigned the cards to fit in the holder fork just like a traditional paper card and also created a counter top display to hold the cards.

Since Bruce Uher, through his MultiMedia-Interactive business, works with several recording artists you will find a variety of music on all our cards from several of our freinds such as singer/songwriter and award winner Paul Overstreet, who has not only performed many songs but has written numerous songs for such artists as Randy Travis, Kenny Chesney, Tanya Tucker and many more. Back in the 70's you will remember a famous song titled "Thank You For Being A Friend" which was written and performed by Andrew Gold. This song is used on our Friendship CD's. World famous concert pianist David McClintock has several songs on our CD's including the Welcome To Your New Home CD. Several of our CD's include original music that was not only recorded but written specifically for our CD's.

One thing we are very proud of here at CD Greeting Cards is that all our products are printed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by Americans and we use nothing but the highest quality American made materials to manufacture our products.

Whats To Come:

In 2005-2006 our key goals are to continue to generate sales nationwide and also promote product awareness. Since our products are totally new to the market we have to educate not only buyers but consumers on just what our product is and what it does. Product awareness we have found is one of the key issues we need to address. Once buyers and consumers actually see our product first hand and see what our product does when it is placed in a computer they simply fall in love with the idea and praise us on the quality and value of the product. Everyone has to be educated on our products from the buyer to the store employees to the consumer.

Since our Customized Christmas Cards have become more and more popular each year we have decided to market our customized card idea to several major coorporations as an add on to an existing product such as an Irish gift or any other type of gift product. The CD will be customized to the company but will include our standard features such as our games, puzzles, music, slideshows etc. but the CD will also contain marketing materials such as a catalog or link to the company website to help in marketing their products. With this new concept of greeting card or gift card the consumer still receives a CD Gift Card that has all the value added features but also includes the marketing materials to inform the consumer of what the company has to offer.

We have now teamed up with several major merchandising companies which will allow us to offer full merchandising options to our mass markets. The merchandising companies have full time employees nationwide that will assure our customers that product levels will be maintained and our display units will always be organized and product displayed properly. This gives the stores the assurance that the product is always available for their customers to purchase and leaves less burden on their store employees.